Monday, December 28, 2015

Feliz Navidad

Can we talk about how this was the best Christmas EVER?!
This week was full of Christmas onesies and caroling, gifting fish to elders, reciting the first Christmas by heart, talking to the Cragun crew and best of all, spending the holidays remembering the Savior's birth. 

My favorite part of the week was probably Christmas Eve. We had received different offers on where to spend Christmas Eve at, but in the end we decided to stay at the house of Sonia, our recent convert. As we showed up to her house, her table usually folded up, was out, decorated with a thin table cloth and different little light up snowman. Her hair usually up was down and brushed. Her three year old son came out in a little Santa outfit excited to see us. As we sat down to eat, she served us various meats and corns and fake champagnes. For dessert we had sweet potatoes. I remember looking at the tree, where three small presents lie and looking at the table of smiling faces and my thoughts lightened up. 
The food was good, but very simple, the decorations very simple, we played cards and a game of spoons for fun. I was surrounded by people I had only met over the course of the past month. Nothing about this night should have been that memorable  and yet I realized this was my sweetest Christmas Ever. My most memorable evening. This was the true meaning of Christmas. Hermana Sonia was not the richest, she didn't have anything to give us, she did not have a spacious dining room or fancy China to serve us with, there was no Christmas ham or soft rolls to divulge. And yet she had given me more than I could have ever wanted. Filled me with a happiness and a night to remember I couldn't have gotten at any fancy party or bought at any store. 

...the sweetest joy I have come to find is  felt, seeing one of Heavenly Fathers children just get it. Teaching Jordan in the park the plan of salvation, as we drew the steps in the sand and he paused to say I understand. Watching Mollie choke up and realize she needs to change. To see her at church and be touched by the spirit and welcomed by the members and see her truly happy, her tears changed to a beaming smile. To hear Erick bear his testimony to hear the words "I know the church is true. I know Joseph smith was a real prophet". Nothing is sweeter or more fulfilling than that. 

The power of Christs atonement is something we all need, something that truly fills us and changes us. I love being a missionary. I don't think I could say that enough. I've realized that by following the savior, and by choosing to make the best of your situation, you will always be happy. 
Xoxox hermana cragun 

"The future is as bright as your faith" 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

What aaaaaa week.
First off a very merry kind of almost Christmas to everyone at home. You wouldn't know it but 
we just got back from attempting to ice skate and drinking warm chocolaty drinks in the center of Valencia while listening to Jackie evancho Christmas songs through my iPad (it rocks having Americans who give you Christmas music in your ward). It's finally beginning to feel like the month of Christmas here, well kind of. 

This week was a blur but then again, isn't every week? 
 While street contacting we stopped a woman who pointed to me and said "I've seen you before" and I  said "are you sure?" She said of course! You are missionaries, you use to come to my house. I couldn't help but laugh on the inside because I personally had never visited her before. Sometimes people get us confused with Jehovah's witnesses. So to be sure we pulled out the Book of Mormon and I said did the missionaries give you this book? And she said yes it's at my house! I want you to come by this week and being me one in French! Well we set up a return visit and sure in enough a couple days later we showed up to a SHOCK. Naomi, the woman we met on the street, pulled out her own Book of Mormon and opened up to the end of Mosiah. She explained that she had met the missionaries almost a year ago and she had been given this book, but for whatever reason they lost contact. she had kept the book all this time and kept reading it. She doesn't read spanish well because her first language is French so she has to go slow, line by line translating it. She held the book in her frail hands and said smiling at us, "I know this book is true! It's a book of miracles, and I asked God if it was true and he said it was. I know your church is true" 
Utter shock. 

I know God is a God of miracles, that he hears and answers prayers. I know that it is through the refiners fire he forms us into the person we need to become, and if we fear God more than man, He can do any work through us. 
Xoxo hermana cragun 

"Get on your knees and ask for the blessings of the Lord;Then stand on your feet and do what you are asked to do". - Gordon B. Hinckely

Friday, December 11, 2015

What is the perfect day?

What would your perfect day be like? A day at the beach with no where to be or anyone to worry about? Or maybe your perfect day is action filled with climbing the Swiss alps and eating all the chocolate you can get your hands on. I thought I knew what my perfect day was, but I didn't, not until it actually happened. 

The day began normal, filled with places to be and people to teach. We started with our newest investigaor: a Muslim man from Mali. We brought mama Africa to help us teach as well. Mama Africa is a large African woman from Cameroon. She can't have children so therefore she spiritually adopts everyone as her child giving her the name as "mama Africa". She is amazing. There are no words to describe her, seriously. She walked five years across the plains of Africa to get here to Spain. She met the missionaries here and  was converted. Now she is over la obra misional here in the ward. She was a spritualt powerhouse during the lesson, and our Muslim friend wants to keep learning because he believes everything we have said so far. 
Well We (me and hermana storer) had been fasting for a miracle because our investigators Elle  is on the verge of getting baptized but she's still really nervous about it. We prayed before planning our lesson for her, and as we  got up, we turned to the same scripture in third nephi about faith in Christ. So we decided that we needed to focus on a faith in Christ lesson as well as a priesthood lesson. 
Well as we were preparing I couldn't get the story of Jesus healing the blind man out of my mind: I studied it for a while and decided that like this man, Our Investigator needed a blessing. I asked Hermana storer what she thought of the idea and decided we should go for it.
That night our American friend Garry and his wife Brooklyn came to help us with the lesson. Garry speaks Spanish Brooklyn doesn't. At the end of our lesson we asked Elle how her faith in Christ was and we showed a video about blessings. Elle told us that weirdly enough she hadn't been feeling good lately not sick but just...unsettled. And began to cry. Well we told her about blessings and how they are from Heavenly Father and Garry asked if she wanted a blessing and  she said yes. Garry was about to give the blessing when Brooklyn said "wait, I feel like I need to say something". Everyone froze cause Brooklyn haha didn't know what had been going on and she asked Garry to translate for her and she said "I have no idea what's been said tonight but I feel like I need to share a story about receiving a blessing" the spirit was SO strong it was so cool how even though Brooklyn hadn't known what we were saying she had understood the spirit to say just what she needed to in the right moment. Well after Garry gave the blessing 

It was such a detailed amazing blessing. Everyone was crying at the end. I can't write what was said but I will never forget it. We left with testimonies and prayer and asked Elle  to pray that she might to know if it was all true 
 Walking out of that lesson Garry told us he couldn't remember giving a blessing like that ever or feeling the spirit that strong even throughout all his mission. He said that as he was giving the blessing to her one thing was clear: God had something special in store for her. She is needed of the lord right now.

That night ended with a surprise phone call from a lost convert who called to say she was ready to come back. Something clicked in her that day and she realized her emptiness inside and  lack of purpose. She had been thinking of what we had last said to her and it had all come together. She was ready to start over again. 

This day was my most perfect day. There is nothing comparable to the spirit on the mission. You always hear missionaries say ohhh I love the mission, ohh I never want to leave but I think  I am just beginning to really understand it. These are the moments I will never forget. The moments that little by little shape and teach and change me. And I am so thankful for this time to be so close to the spirit to the savior and to my Heavenly Father and to feel the love they have for each child of God. I Couldn't  think of a better way to celebrate this Christmas season than by doing this work of the lord's. 
Love you all and know I am so happy to be doing what I am right now Two hearts hermana cragun

Thursday, December 3, 2015

A real Thanksgiving

No time to write this week!
This week was amazing we spent thanksgiving in the church with
missionaries and investigators. There are three American families here
so we had a real thanksgiving meal turkey and all it was soooo fun! My
comp is an stl(sister training leader) so she's been gone a TON this week 
so I've been leading the area a lot in her place. We had two cool experiences happen this
week; we met two people who have been super prepared for the gospel!
One from Nigeria who use to meet with missionaries, she moved here and
lost contact with them but we ran into her and she invited us over and
we invited her to be baptized amd she said said YES! The other was a
man who walked up to us during a lesson asking to meet with us. He
came to a baptism that day that the elders had, we taught him the Book
of Mormon and (take note this all happened between 6 hours) invited
him to be baptized as well anddddd he said yes as well:)
Valencia currently sounds like it's being bombed because the fallas
(famous city holiday) is starting up right now amd there are little
mini Princess Leias running around right now so ya know that's cool
LOVE YOU ALL! Xoxox hermana cragun

Sunday, November 29, 2015

that's great!

Baptism this week. Sonia was baptized on Saturday and it was amazing. She bore her testimony after and talked about how the first time she saw missionaries was years ago in her pais which is Bolivia. At first she didn't want anything to do with the church, but little by little her heart changed and she worked with missionaries until she was ready to be baptized this Saturday. It made me realize we are all a team here in missionary work, and I feel so privileged I was the missionary who was able to finish teaching her, and see her take that step in her life.

The best part of the week to me though was last night. We received a call from a recent convert named Molly. Molly is from England and moved here about a year ago. Molly NEVER comes to church and hasn't wanted anything to do with the missionaries lately. Last night she called us over and by chance we happened to have our last hour open. So we ran over to her house. At first we just joked and got to know her, she made us quiche with Cesar salad as we talked about anything under the sun. And then the real question came up: why aren't you coming to church Mollie. She told us her story of the trials she faced after her baptism and how it was easier to run from them rather than face them. There was a pause and I asked her "why did you call us tonight then?" She paused looking down twirling her fork smd then said "it's kinda weird but I just felt like I should" hermana storer smiled smd said "ohhhh so you had a prompting" Mollie looked pretty confused so we explained to her he Holy Ghost and how it worked. She couldn't believe that the host ghost would actually send her promptings still. There was a pause smd then I asked her "so Mollie, do you want to come back?" She looked down again and explained how she did want to, but she was afraid. She didn't feel like she could. We talked for a moment about personal experiences as well as shared the story prodigal son and how his father "saw him while he was still a far distance off" meaning aaaall that while, the father had waited for the son to come back, and then rejoiced when he did.. She looked at us and quietly said "so.... how does one start to come back then." "Prayer" we answered. The spirit was so strong at that moment and we explained the steps of repentance. All of us were in tears. She told us that she could feel the spirit, and that she felt like this conversation was suppose to happen. We said goodbye, and promised to come back next week.

Some of my fav people here: Erika from Ecuador, she previously has had doubts about the Book of Mormon but has been feeling a lot of peace from it lately and had a FECHA for the 12. 
George from Ghana. LOVE HIM. Just the biggest heart. We teach him in his African bar. Two white girls preaching the gospel surrounded by all these people speaking Twi. Just the best experience. 
Brother Richards: member from Nigeria, he always gives us planners or cookies or juice. He's always worrying about us and making sure we are well taken care of. 
Morgan: our American friend living here, (my age) she invites us over for peach cobbler and chicken nuggets and it's a little taste of America here in Spain. 

This week was so amazing and such a great reminder that God is in the details of our lives, no matter who we are or where he from he cares about us and knows us perfectly.
Love you all RibbonTwo hearts

"None of us will ever be too lose that we cannot find our way back to Christ through his atonement"

Saturday, November 21, 2015


I can't express how amazing it is to be here. Valencia is just a
quaint city with so much charm and spunk. Not even a year ago I was
here for "las fallas" for my study abroad and now I'm literally walking
the same streets teaching the gospel. The lord is just the best.
What can I even say? This week has been action packed! The work here
never stops. My companion is Hermana Storer a tiny little Ecuadorean
who lives in Florida. She's an amazing worker and I LOVE HER. She
didn't have a companion aaaall last transfer and had to work with
members for six weeks. Crazy right? Needless to say I don't think I
can do any wrong in her eyes because she is just thankful to have a
companion that actually stays with her for the day haha. Anyway this
week I met a man who thinks he is literally the black Jesus. He told
us of how the Gentiles from the bible are actually Nigerians and that
his apostles are back in Africa hard at work. He's also in the process
of "atoning" for me right now (poor guy that ones gonna take a while)
but he told me that I shouldn't worry because from what I could tell
I'll be saved, hallelujah.
The ward is amazing. Baptism this Saturday more news next week.
Miracles everyday.
So happy to be here and I LOVE the mission
Xoxo madd

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


The goodbyes begin with  Dayana
Natalia and her mom

Perla actually someone shorter than Maddie

good friends- rat pac

African dresses made with love

And end with Hermana " Holly"
Hermana Holly and I sat next to the cell phone waiting for it to ring Saturday  night at 10:00. I was feeling a mix of emotions, mostly sick to be honest haha. Transfers can be the most nerve wracking thing for me. 10:30 passed..then 10:45. Thinking it would be a while till they got a round to us, I jumped in the shower when I heard the familiar sound of the elevator style music go off, and my companion scream "HERMANA" from the living room. I jumped out of he shower pulled on whatever I could find and ran to the couch where we quickly looked at the phone and saw that president was calling. 

When the president calls you know there are going to be changes. I immediately felt even sicker. Hermana Holly picked up the phone and talked to president for a couple minutes before she hung up and grinning from ear to ear announced she would be training! And what about me? We waited five more minutes until the phone ran again. This time for me. I answered to hear my district leader Elder Campbell on the other end. "Do you know where you're going Hermana Cragun?" "Ummmm no" I answered back. "Well neither do we" UGG THE WORST. My district leader is aaaaalways doing things like that haha well after a lot of persuasion he finally confessed that he did know....


Valencia is right on the border of the mission. It's the farthest south our mission goes and it is known for being "on fire". Probably because it is hooooottt there for most of the time, and because the work there is just unreal. The minute he told me I was going to Valencia I started screaming. I couldn't believe it.

The next day I started my packing and started planning who I was going to visit to say my last goodbyes. All that adrenaline began to wear off, and as I packed my bags and wrote in my journal Sunday night, I realized just how much I loved my little city of Sabadell and how many special people there were here I was going to miss. As I prayed that night for all the people who had me during my time here I began to cry realizing just how much I loved them and was going to miss them.

I passed by Perla, a mom from Honduras who is probably the sassiest and shortest human being I've ever met. She's been a member for a while and she has always been so good to me during my time here. She has made remarks to me such as: "Hermana I think you have gained weight" or "Hermana. You are crazy" or Hermana I'm not going to miss you Hahahahah but that is  . Under aaaaall that sass you find the most loving humble human ever who is sooo faithful to the church. And as we hugged goodbye she told me that she really would miss me and her house would always be my home if I wanted to come back.

I passed by Natalia and her mom, two of our closest friends here in Sabadell from Brazil. They have the biggest hearts and strongest testimonies. I went by Patricia and her daughter who is my age, Lucia. Lucia and I are born on the same day and we just clicked from the first time. We've decided we were twins, separated at birth. I love them soooo much. I'll miss all their laughs and style. Lucia is trying to decide if she wants to study in the U.S.for a year. I hope so because if she did I would cross seeeeas to see her again.

I went by my best friend Jeffrey's house hahaha just thinking of him makes me laugh. Jeff has the most style and sass out of anyone. He is famous for always saying in his thick Peruvian accent: "Hermana, por favor" or "siter (just like that) puh-lease" to any of the sarcastic comments I make. when I walked in he had the table lined with treats and cakes. He had printed out pictures of the infamous "ratpac" as we called ourselves (Hermana Holly Jeff and I) and had written captions on the back of them. Hahaha I love that kid.

But the hardest goodbye went to my girl Dayana. Dayana is 16 from Bolivia, I can't explain it but we just clicked from the first time. We eat with her family ever Saturday and basically always find ourselves in tears for, laughing so hard. She's truly become a little sister to me. As I went by that night to say goodbye, she met us in the doorway and said "Hermana no no you can't go." And burst into tears. We sat hugging and crying before we had to leave. I love her more than words can describe and just thinking of her crying pulls on my heart strings.

This week was packed with other events, such as getting African dresses and saying goodbye to our friends from Nigeria who I won't forget. They call us the "white Nigerians". Meeting a lady from the ward who was once the strongest member and leader. And has now lost her testimony and doesn't believe in it anymore. Eating fufu and spicy rice, trying food from Honduras, sitting in the house of Graciela who I met my first week on the street who I felt I should talk to and clapped her hands exclaiming she had been looking for the missionaries... We sat talking about faith and prayers and I felt like both of our prayers had been answered that day long ago.

Sabadell.. I couldn't have asked for a better place to have began my mission. Testing and trying, but in the end so rewarding. The people here will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart and I'll never forget them. I love them all so much and am so grateful for the moments I had with them. It's  bittersweet and hard to express the feelings I have right now, as I get ready to board the train to my next adventure.

Onto the next chapter of my mission: Valencia

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

huge miracles and fufu

Eating African fufu

  It's currently raining and Hermana Holly and I are snacking on crescents and hot chocolate that we bought to use the cafe wifi. No complaints though, I could live off European hot chocolate for the rest of my life. This week was aaaaaamazing. 
I wish I could write everything that happened this week but I don't have enough time :(

Some of the highlights from this week though were that we saw a huge miracle with Carlos, the dad of my fav little C, he ended up completely opening up to us.  He had so many questions and a lot of heart ache and  we were able to teach him bits of the plan of salvation and the entire lesson of the restoration. That night he committed to baptism, and for the first time we knelt as a family and prayed. Even more amazing was that Carlos offered the prayer. When he finished he was completely different, and kept saying how hot he had felt. It was a 180 degree change.
We also got to eat with my fav African family! Peace and destiny (Africans names are the best). They're from Nigeria and made us traditional fufu. What they didn't know was that thanks to my friend Cam,who served his mission in Africa, I was already a fufu expert and got to show off my fufu eating skills. The only downside to this experience was that we dipped the fufu in turkey gizzard which was very much gross, hahaha. But we had so much fun with their family.

This week a testigo ( Jehovas witness ) stopped us on the street. At first he asked us very innocent questions about the church, and then by the end was basically telling us we were liars condemned to heck. At that moment I was ready to just prove the truth of the church. But then I heard the voice of my stake president in my head. The night I had gotten set apart he had stopped me and said' "if anyone tries to fight you about the church, bear your testimony and leave it at that." So I basically bit my tongue, we bore our testimonies, and we left at that.

I'm grateful for inspired church leaders, apostles and a modern day prophet. I know the same church Jesus Christ once established has been restored on the earth. Smiling face with smiling eyes
Love you all and hope you had a great Halloween cause we sure did here!
Hermana Cragun

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Lord has a hand in all things

pday in Barcelona
no Halloween but kids
  hand out cooked Hazelnuts instead
Hermana Holly and Maddie
Halloween package arrived in time
a touch of Halloween decor
It's funny what moments you remember as you look back through the weeks, months or years that pass. There are so many big things that happen life, but usually it's the small moments that pass under the radar of the world that I remember most. Moments with close friends or family. In the mission it's no different. What moments do I remember, from the few days that have passed since the last time I wrote? Having intercambios with the Hermanas from Barcelona, spending the day with Hermana Stapley who was a friend before the mission (small miracle). Street contacting and meeting a Spanish girl named Amelia, who the Lord prepared and put in our path. She walked with us to the bus stop, Book of Mormon in her hand. "I had so many questions and I wanted to start new," she told us "I left for pastries this night and instead came back with two girls and a book".
 No doubt God put me in your path"
Spending the day in Barcelona. Eating lunch and trying new foods, wandering through shops. Aaaaahh, I just love this beautiful city and country
 We taught a lesson Wednesday to a man from Sabadell. We got to the part about the priesthood being restored.  "... And the priesthood was lost until the year-" "1820" he said smiling at me. I think my jaw hit the ground. "You see, I researched your church a lot. I never felt the spirit in my church. But I feel it here. I feel like God prepared me for this message, and I know it's true"
Yes my friends, God is truly in the details of our lives.

My mission of Barcelona Spain is not like any other mission in the world. And it could not be more perfect for me. My testimony has been stretched and tried, and with people questioning my faith everyday. I can truly say I know more than ever this church is true. It is something I have studied and prayed about. And I have had feelings I cannot deny. God lives, Jesus Christ is the son of God and Joseph Smith truly saw them in the sacred grove. This message is true and it changes lives and you can know it for yourselves. 

Les quieroRibbonRegional indicator for Spain
La Hermana Cragun 

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Rain has started

 The original Sisters who met on Facebook before going to the mission
Hermanas Larsen, Cragun, Erying, and Stapley

The leaves are changing and the weather is slowly beginning to cool down here in Sabadell. The people are switching their morning coffees, to churros and chocolate, and Spanish fans are being replaced with umbrellas these days to avoid the never ending forecast of rain. I love it though. Sabadell is just quiet and cozy at this time of year.
Nothing too exciting to report this week, interviews and the usual work. Our investigator from Bolivia, Daniella, is doing great. We brought her to sacrament meeting and she loved it. She received a blessing to help her heal with an injury, and after we walked together silently, she said "there are no words to describe this feeling." 
As for other investigators, we worked with David from Honduras, Laurenza from Bolivia, and actually a Muslim. Usually Muslims aren't really open to change, but this man is actually honestly really interested. After we explained the first vision he sat there for a second and then said "did it really happen?" And I said "yes" and he sat there quietly amazed. 
We got our teeth kicked in this week contacting. We had a ton of success the past two weeks but is week was tougher, nooooo one wanted to listen. We decided we needed to be even more obedient and it paid off. We were out contacting in the streets and met a lady named Hilda from Bolivia. At first she was not too interested but at the end of the conversation she was like why don't you come over Saturday and I'll make you lunch? And I'll invite my niece and sister and their kids and friends from Barcelona because I think they would like to hear this message too

We waited till we turned the corner to scream in excitement.

There is nothing like serving a mission. If you really let it, it truly changes you little by little. It's the hardest but best decision I've ever made and ever day I am just more grateful for it. 
Love you all! Xoxox Hermana Cragun Smiling face with smiling eyesRegional indicator for Spain

 Earth´s crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God, and only he who sees takes off his shoes-- the rest sit around and pluck blueberries.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

 new comp Hermana Hollenbaugh
 friend "Peace" after a long day
 Zone conference
Natalia a member from Brazil

In years past I watched conference in the comfort of my house, all
wrapped up in blankets with the comfort of a remote, that could easily
pause and play the TV when I couldn't keep up.  But this year was
different. Last week I sat in a hard plastic chair with my eyes glued
to the computer screen and one hand pressed against my head phones
trying to hear over the sound of the Pakistan men who were loudly
talking behind me. My other hand was scrambling as fast as I could to
write down the words and impressions I received as I listened to the
prophet and his apostles.
My favorite talk was by Elder Hales, about making decisions. I loved
how he said they we are the pilot, and we are in charge. I've really
come to realize that I've had this mentality my whole life that
basically life was life and you couldn't do much to change it. All you
could do was make the best of it. A couple weeks ago at zone
conference h
Hermana Dayton said "we are the authors of our fate". And
something really struck me.
We truly are in charge, we truly have the power to change. Whatever we
want in life we truly can have.
As we set goals and work towards them we can achieve them. "Because of
the saviors atoning sacrifice the power is in you"
This life is about about improvement, it's about change, it's about
moving forward. This life is also about enjoying the journey. There is
no goal out of our reach, without hard work and the help of our savior.
I'm learning this over and over and over again on my mission

It's never too late to become the person you want to be. It's never
too late to do what you have always wanted to.  Like h
Hermana Dayton
said "we are the authors of our fate" but the true author and finisher
of our faith and fate is Jesus Christ.  As we trust in him and rely on
him we can become the person we want to be, and he will help "bring
you back to your highest home"

I love my mission and my savior. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else RibbonRegional indicator for Spain

Friday, October 2, 2015

Transfers = new comp

 Not sure whether to laugh or cry
 Hermanas Cragun, Eyring,Larson
 Little C turned 9
 Bus stop selfie
Bolivian dinner
What a crazy week. I have NO time so let me try and sum up a year of cosas into one email. TRANSFERS. New companion, same city. Hermana Stott left to white wash Terragona. For those who aren't familiar with mission language that means to open a new area. Considering the   fact she has become my best friend, it was a saaaad goodbye. We spent our last night with  our beds pushed together laughing about the memories we have and planning future get       togethers. I just love her. 
 My new companion is Hermana Hollenbaugh, no she is not from Germany. She's from the UnitedStates and has been out for 8 months. She likes baking cookies and spending time with      family, she's all gluten free. Basically picture the happiest, cutest, smiliest, blue eyed gal and you have my companion. Haha she's cute though, so I'm excited for this next        transfer. 
  Our investigators are doing GREAT. We are working a lot with a girl named Daniella. More "deets" to come later. She lives in apartment with her ex mother in law and two guys from  Pakistan, Ali and Umed. They are the ODDEST mix and yet the FUNNIEST people  ever. They    need a TV show I think. What else..... I was contacting and felt to stop to talk to this   lady. She kindly rejected me twice and so then I asked if I could at the least leave her   with a prayer. When I prayed I felt like I should bless her to feel gods love.   When I    finished the prayer, I opened my eyes to see her have tears streaming from her face which I wasn't expecting. She took my hand in hers and just kept saying thank you, thank you,     thank you, through her tears. I'll never know why she needed that, or what has happened to her since, but it was a special moment and the spirit was so strong.
 Well GOTTA GO the work never stops here in Sabadell. 

Much loveeeeee xoxox Hermana Cragalagalaga 
PS little C is 9 and as sassy as ever. We partied it up with her this week. She's doing great if you were wondering :) well that's all.