Friday, October 2, 2015

Transfers = new comp

 Not sure whether to laugh or cry
 Hermanas Cragun, Eyring,Larson
 Little C turned 9
 Bus stop selfie
Bolivian dinner
What a crazy week. I have NO time so let me try and sum up a year of cosas into one email. TRANSFERS. New companion, same city. Hermana Stott left to white wash Terragona. For those who aren't familiar with mission language that means to open a new area. Considering the   fact she has become my best friend, it was a saaaad goodbye. We spent our last night with  our beds pushed together laughing about the memories we have and planning future get       togethers. I just love her. 
 My new companion is Hermana Hollenbaugh, no she is not from Germany. She's from the UnitedStates and has been out for 8 months. She likes baking cookies and spending time with      family, she's all gluten free. Basically picture the happiest, cutest, smiliest, blue eyed gal and you have my companion. Haha she's cute though, so I'm excited for this next        transfer. 
  Our investigators are doing GREAT. We are working a lot with a girl named Daniella. More "deets" to come later. She lives in apartment with her ex mother in law and two guys from  Pakistan, Ali and Umed. They are the ODDEST mix and yet the FUNNIEST people  ever. They    need a TV show I think. What else..... I was contacting and felt to stop to talk to this   lady. She kindly rejected me twice and so then I asked if I could at the least leave her   with a prayer. When I prayed I felt like I should bless her to feel gods love.   When I    finished the prayer, I opened my eyes to see her have tears streaming from her face which I wasn't expecting. She took my hand in hers and just kept saying thank you, thank you,     thank you, through her tears. I'll never know why she needed that, or what has happened to her since, but it was a special moment and the spirit was so strong.
 Well GOTTA GO the work never stops here in Sabadell. 

Much loveeeeee xoxox Hermana Cragalagalaga 
PS little C is 9 and as sassy as ever. We partied it up with her this week. She's doing great if you were wondering :) well that's all.

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