Thursday, December 3, 2015

A real Thanksgiving

No time to write this week!
This week was amazing we spent thanksgiving in the church with
missionaries and investigators. There are three American families here
so we had a real thanksgiving meal turkey and all it was soooo fun! My
comp is an stl(sister training leader) so she's been gone a TON this week 
so I've been leading the area a lot in her place. We had two cool experiences happen this
week; we met two people who have been super prepared for the gospel!
One from Nigeria who use to meet with missionaries, she moved here and
lost contact with them but we ran into her and she invited us over and
we invited her to be baptized amd she said said YES! The other was a
man who walked up to us during a lesson asking to meet with us. He
came to a baptism that day that the elders had, we taught him the Book
of Mormon and (take note this all happened between 6 hours) invited
him to be baptized as well anddddd he said yes as well:)
Valencia currently sounds like it's being bombed because the fallas
(famous city holiday) is starting up right now amd there are little
mini Princess Leias running around right now so ya know that's cool
LOVE YOU ALL! Xoxox hermana cragun

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