Saturday, November 21, 2015


I can't express how amazing it is to be here. Valencia is just a
quaint city with so much charm and spunk. Not even a year ago I was
here for "las fallas" for my study abroad and now I'm literally walking
the same streets teaching the gospel. The lord is just the best.
What can I even say? This week has been action packed! The work here
never stops. My companion is Hermana Storer a tiny little Ecuadorean
who lives in Florida. She's an amazing worker and I LOVE HER. She
didn't have a companion aaaall last transfer and had to work with
members for six weeks. Crazy right? Needless to say I don't think I
can do any wrong in her eyes because she is just thankful to have a
companion that actually stays with her for the day haha. Anyway this
week I met a man who thinks he is literally the black Jesus. He told
us of how the Gentiles from the bible are actually Nigerians and that
his apostles are back in Africa hard at work. He's also in the process
of "atoning" for me right now (poor guy that ones gonna take a while)
but he told me that I shouldn't worry because from what I could tell
I'll be saved, hallelujah.
The ward is amazing. Baptism this Saturday more news next week.
Miracles everyday.
So happy to be here and I LOVE the mission
Xoxo madd

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