Sunday, November 29, 2015

that's great!

Baptism this week. Sonia was baptized on Saturday and it was amazing. She bore her testimony after and talked about how the first time she saw missionaries was years ago in her pais which is Bolivia. At first she didn't want anything to do with the church, but little by little her heart changed and she worked with missionaries until she was ready to be baptized this Saturday. It made me realize we are all a team here in missionary work, and I feel so privileged I was the missionary who was able to finish teaching her, and see her take that step in her life.

The best part of the week to me though was last night. We received a call from a recent convert named Molly. Molly is from England and moved here about a year ago. Molly NEVER comes to church and hasn't wanted anything to do with the missionaries lately. Last night she called us over and by chance we happened to have our last hour open. So we ran over to her house. At first we just joked and got to know her, she made us quiche with Cesar salad as we talked about anything under the sun. And then the real question came up: why aren't you coming to church Mollie. She told us her story of the trials she faced after her baptism and how it was easier to run from them rather than face them. There was a pause and I asked her "why did you call us tonight then?" She paused looking down twirling her fork smd then said "it's kinda weird but I just felt like I should" hermana storer smiled smd said "ohhhh so you had a prompting" Mollie looked pretty confused so we explained to her he Holy Ghost and how it worked. She couldn't believe that the host ghost would actually send her promptings still. There was a pause smd then I asked her "so Mollie, do you want to come back?" She looked down again and explained how she did want to, but she was afraid. She didn't feel like she could. We talked for a moment about personal experiences as well as shared the story prodigal son and how his father "saw him while he was still a far distance off" meaning aaaall that while, the father had waited for the son to come back, and then rejoiced when he did.. She looked at us and quietly said "so.... how does one start to come back then." "Prayer" we answered. The spirit was so strong at that moment and we explained the steps of repentance. All of us were in tears. She told us that she could feel the spirit, and that she felt like this conversation was suppose to happen. We said goodbye, and promised to come back next week.

Some of my fav people here: Erika from Ecuador, she previously has had doubts about the Book of Mormon but has been feeling a lot of peace from it lately and had a FECHA for the 12. 
George from Ghana. LOVE HIM. Just the biggest heart. We teach him in his African bar. Two white girls preaching the gospel surrounded by all these people speaking Twi. Just the best experience. 
Brother Richards: member from Nigeria, he always gives us planners or cookies or juice. He's always worrying about us and making sure we are well taken care of. 
Morgan: our American friend living here, (my age) she invites us over for peach cobbler and chicken nuggets and it's a little taste of America here in Spain. 

This week was so amazing and such a great reminder that God is in the details of our lives, no matter who we are or where he from he cares about us and knows us perfectly.
Love you all RibbonTwo hearts

"None of us will ever be too lose that we cannot find our way back to Christ through his atonement"

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