Monday, October 26, 2015

The Lord has a hand in all things

pday in Barcelona
no Halloween but kids
  hand out cooked Hazelnuts instead
Hermana Holly and Maddie
Halloween package arrived in time
a touch of Halloween decor
It's funny what moments you remember as you look back through the weeks, months or years that pass. There are so many big things that happen life, but usually it's the small moments that pass under the radar of the world that I remember most. Moments with close friends or family. In the mission it's no different. What moments do I remember, from the few days that have passed since the last time I wrote? Having intercambios with the Hermanas from Barcelona, spending the day with Hermana Stapley who was a friend before the mission (small miracle). Street contacting and meeting a Spanish girl named Amelia, who the Lord prepared and put in our path. She walked with us to the bus stop, Book of Mormon in her hand. "I had so many questions and I wanted to start new," she told us "I left for pastries this night and instead came back with two girls and a book".
 No doubt God put me in your path"
Spending the day in Barcelona. Eating lunch and trying new foods, wandering through shops. Aaaaahh, I just love this beautiful city and country
 We taught a lesson Wednesday to a man from Sabadell. We got to the part about the priesthood being restored.  "... And the priesthood was lost until the year-" "1820" he said smiling at me. I think my jaw hit the ground. "You see, I researched your church a lot. I never felt the spirit in my church. But I feel it here. I feel like God prepared me for this message, and I know it's true"
Yes my friends, God is truly in the details of our lives.

My mission of Barcelona Spain is not like any other mission in the world. And it could not be more perfect for me. My testimony has been stretched and tried, and with people questioning my faith everyday. I can truly say I know more than ever this church is true. It is something I have studied and prayed about. And I have had feelings I cannot deny. God lives, Jesus Christ is the son of God and Joseph Smith truly saw them in the sacred grove. This message is true and it changes lives and you can know it for yourselves. 

Les quieroRibbonRegional indicator for Spain
La Hermana Cragun 

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Rain has started

 The original Sisters who met on Facebook before going to the mission
Hermanas Larsen, Cragun, Erying, and Stapley

The leaves are changing and the weather is slowly beginning to cool down here in Sabadell. The people are switching their morning coffees, to churros and chocolate, and Spanish fans are being replaced with umbrellas these days to avoid the never ending forecast of rain. I love it though. Sabadell is just quiet and cozy at this time of year.
Nothing too exciting to report this week, interviews and the usual work. Our investigator from Bolivia, Daniella, is doing great. We brought her to sacrament meeting and she loved it. She received a blessing to help her heal with an injury, and after we walked together silently, she said "there are no words to describe this feeling." 
As for other investigators, we worked with David from Honduras, Laurenza from Bolivia, and actually a Muslim. Usually Muslims aren't really open to change, but this man is actually honestly really interested. After we explained the first vision he sat there for a second and then said "did it really happen?" And I said "yes" and he sat there quietly amazed. 
We got our teeth kicked in this week contacting. We had a ton of success the past two weeks but is week was tougher, nooooo one wanted to listen. We decided we needed to be even more obedient and it paid off. We were out contacting in the streets and met a lady named Hilda from Bolivia. At first she was not too interested but at the end of the conversation she was like why don't you come over Saturday and I'll make you lunch? And I'll invite my niece and sister and their kids and friends from Barcelona because I think they would like to hear this message too

We waited till we turned the corner to scream in excitement.

There is nothing like serving a mission. If you really let it, it truly changes you little by little. It's the hardest but best decision I've ever made and ever day I am just more grateful for it. 
Love you all! Xoxox Hermana Cragun Smiling face with smiling eyesRegional indicator for Spain

 Earth´s crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God, and only he who sees takes off his shoes-- the rest sit around and pluck blueberries.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

 new comp Hermana Hollenbaugh
 friend "Peace" after a long day
 Zone conference
Natalia a member from Brazil

In years past I watched conference in the comfort of my house, all
wrapped up in blankets with the comfort of a remote, that could easily
pause and play the TV when I couldn't keep up.  But this year was
different. Last week I sat in a hard plastic chair with my eyes glued
to the computer screen and one hand pressed against my head phones
trying to hear over the sound of the Pakistan men who were loudly
talking behind me. My other hand was scrambling as fast as I could to
write down the words and impressions I received as I listened to the
prophet and his apostles.
My favorite talk was by Elder Hales, about making decisions. I loved
how he said they we are the pilot, and we are in charge. I've really
come to realize that I've had this mentality my whole life that
basically life was life and you couldn't do much to change it. All you
could do was make the best of it. A couple weeks ago at zone
conference h
Hermana Dayton said "we are the authors of our fate". And
something really struck me.
We truly are in charge, we truly have the power to change. Whatever we
want in life we truly can have.
As we set goals and work towards them we can achieve them. "Because of
the saviors atoning sacrifice the power is in you"
This life is about about improvement, it's about change, it's about
moving forward. This life is also about enjoying the journey. There is
no goal out of our reach, without hard work and the help of our savior.
I'm learning this over and over and over again on my mission

It's never too late to become the person you want to be. It's never
too late to do what you have always wanted to.  Like h
Hermana Dayton
said "we are the authors of our fate" but the true author and finisher
of our faith and fate is Jesus Christ.  As we trust in him and rely on
him we can become the person we want to be, and he will help "bring
you back to your highest home"

I love my mission and my savior. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else RibbonRegional indicator for Spain

Friday, October 2, 2015

Transfers = new comp

 Not sure whether to laugh or cry
 Hermanas Cragun, Eyring,Larson
 Little C turned 9
 Bus stop selfie
Bolivian dinner
What a crazy week. I have NO time so let me try and sum up a year of cosas into one email. TRANSFERS. New companion, same city. Hermana Stott left to white wash Terragona. For those who aren't familiar with mission language that means to open a new area. Considering the   fact she has become my best friend, it was a saaaad goodbye. We spent our last night with  our beds pushed together laughing about the memories we have and planning future get       togethers. I just love her. 
 My new companion is Hermana Hollenbaugh, no she is not from Germany. She's from the UnitedStates and has been out for 8 months. She likes baking cookies and spending time with      family, she's all gluten free. Basically picture the happiest, cutest, smiliest, blue eyed gal and you have my companion. Haha she's cute though, so I'm excited for this next        transfer. 
  Our investigators are doing GREAT. We are working a lot with a girl named Daniella. More "deets" to come later. She lives in apartment with her ex mother in law and two guys from  Pakistan, Ali and Umed. They are the ODDEST mix and yet the FUNNIEST people  ever. They    need a TV show I think. What else..... I was contacting and felt to stop to talk to this   lady. She kindly rejected me twice and so then I asked if I could at the least leave her   with a prayer. When I prayed I felt like I should bless her to feel gods love.   When I    finished the prayer, I opened my eyes to see her have tears streaming from her face which I wasn't expecting. She took my hand in hers and just kept saying thank you, thank you,     thank you, through her tears. I'll never know why she needed that, or what has happened to her since, but it was a special moment and the spirit was so strong.
 Well GOTTA GO the work never stops here in Sabadell. 

Much loveeeeee xoxox Hermana Cragalagalaga 
PS little C is 9 and as sassy as ever. We partied it up with her this week. She's doing great if you were wondering :) well that's all.