Monday, October 26, 2015

The Lord has a hand in all things

pday in Barcelona
no Halloween but kids
  hand out cooked Hazelnuts instead
Hermana Holly and Maddie
Halloween package arrived in time
a touch of Halloween decor
It's funny what moments you remember as you look back through the weeks, months or years that pass. There are so many big things that happen life, but usually it's the small moments that pass under the radar of the world that I remember most. Moments with close friends or family. In the mission it's no different. What moments do I remember, from the few days that have passed since the last time I wrote? Having intercambios with the Hermanas from Barcelona, spending the day with Hermana Stapley who was a friend before the mission (small miracle). Street contacting and meeting a Spanish girl named Amelia, who the Lord prepared and put in our path. She walked with us to the bus stop, Book of Mormon in her hand. "I had so many questions and I wanted to start new," she told us "I left for pastries this night and instead came back with two girls and a book".
 No doubt God put me in your path"
Spending the day in Barcelona. Eating lunch and trying new foods, wandering through shops. Aaaaahh, I just love this beautiful city and country
 We taught a lesson Wednesday to a man from Sabadell. We got to the part about the priesthood being restored.  "... And the priesthood was lost until the year-" "1820" he said smiling at me. I think my jaw hit the ground. "You see, I researched your church a lot. I never felt the spirit in my church. But I feel it here. I feel like God prepared me for this message, and I know it's true"
Yes my friends, God is truly in the details of our lives.

My mission of Barcelona Spain is not like any other mission in the world. And it could not be more perfect for me. My testimony has been stretched and tried, and with people questioning my faith everyday. I can truly say I know more than ever this church is true. It is something I have studied and prayed about. And I have had feelings I cannot deny. God lives, Jesus Christ is the son of God and Joseph Smith truly saw them in the sacred grove. This message is true and it changes lives and you can know it for yourselves. 

Les quieroRibbonRegional indicator for Spain
La Hermana Cragun 

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