Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MTC week one

aaaahhh! I can't believe it! I'm an HERMANA! okay first let me start off by saying that this past week has been the best year of my life (cause I'm pretty sure it's been that long since I was dropped off) I also need to say thanks a million for all the notes and the PACKAGES! you guys are the best! Getting letters and packages here is pure gold. Can't explain how great it is to hear from you all.
Alright let's get down to the real good stuff.

I'm a MISSIONARY! wow that is so crazy to me. The MTC is the coolest most challenging place ever. EVER. I'm in the advanced spanish class which consists of almost all natives. For the most part I can understand and speak back but there are times that everyone starts speaking crazy fast and I just kinda laugh to myself like eehh okay whatever I'll get that next time.

My district consists of 5 other sisters (Hermanas- Greenman (my companion who I'll talk about in a second) Romero, Clarke, Sorenson, and Gomez) and four other elders. 
My companion is a DOLL. oh my goodness. She's a gringa from Idaho but don't be fooled, she speaks perfect spanish. Her parents both served spanish speaking missions so that's what they taught their kids, spanish is her FIRST language so she is a great great help to me. She is also so kind and so peppy and very enthuastic about everything haha it's a good motivation to me to find the good in all that's going on. But Dad, what you had to say about MTC companions is as true as it comes. As for the rest of my district they are the greatest. Sorenson is a crazy girl who's bursting with energy and runs everywhere haha we love her lots. Gomez is from Mexico and is insanely sweet and loving. Romero is my favv she's so funny and she's going to Costa Rica! Clarke and I actually worked together at BYU so i knew her before. 

This week in all has been a great learning experience. The first day was kind of a shock to me. You have a schedule and a companion you need to be with and they are drilling into your head the importance of missionary work and relying on the spirit and I felt sooooo overwhelmed. But since then it has been great, challenging, but great. Sister Greenman and I have been made Sister Training Leaders over our zone, I've also been made senior companion. So I have a lot to do in terms of being obedient an working hard and loving my zone (but that part is easy cause they are the greatest!) Sometimes I feel inadequet especially when it comes to the langauge, but I know that as long as I rely on the Lord I can do this :)

I also got to meet my MISSION PRESIDENTS!! I am the only person going to Barcelona here at the MTC so I was the only one in our little interview which was cool. Let met tell ya I have the best mission presidents in the whole world. They remind me sooo much of the Wilcoxs. They are both so loving and funny I especially loved Sister Dayton. I cannot waaaait to go out to Spain and get to know them better. They are spiritual giants and honestly make you feel so loved right off the bat I honestly feel soooo lucky and soooo excited to serve with them. At the end Sister Dayton was like, "we all have to get a picture together and send it to your family!"  So we did! hopefully it made it to you guys?

Well time is running out so I must end this giaaaant email. But I want you to know that I know this is the right place for me! It is so hard at times. I have not cried because I am discouraged or because I miss home, but I have cried because I have felt the spirit so strongly.  On Saturday I was having a hard time with my spanish and was feeling soooo discouraged. I prayed and prayed all day to just know that this was right for me and that things would get better. An hour later the zone leaders walked in and said they were going to put on a video we all needed to watch which was about turning weaknesses into strengths, it's called "His grace is sufficient" and it's by none other than Brad Wilcox :) I was basically crying the whole time because Brad is pretty much family to me and to see him even on TV was the greatest thing. And then to hear him say the end, "You keep trying, don't you quit! I love you, and most of all I believe in you" Was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. My heavenly father knows me perfectly enough to send just the right message, at just the right time, by just the right person I needed to hear it from. I know that that our Heavenly Father also loves aaaall his children. So when you are feeling discouraged or overwhelmed, drop down on your knees and pray because he will know exactly how to help you, he's just waiting for you to come to him.
Love you all soooooooooo much and I'm praying for you everyday! :))
xoxox Hermana Cragun