Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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 Zone conference
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In years past I watched conference in the comfort of my house, all
wrapped up in blankets with the comfort of a remote, that could easily
pause and play the TV when I couldn't keep up.  But this year was
different. Last week I sat in a hard plastic chair with my eyes glued
to the computer screen and one hand pressed against my head phones
trying to hear over the sound of the Pakistan men who were loudly
talking behind me. My other hand was scrambling as fast as I could to
write down the words and impressions I received as I listened to the
prophet and his apostles.
My favorite talk was by Elder Hales, about making decisions. I loved
how he said they we are the pilot, and we are in charge. I've really
come to realize that I've had this mentality my whole life that
basically life was life and you couldn't do much to change it. All you
could do was make the best of it. A couple weeks ago at zone
conference h
Hermana Dayton said "we are the authors of our fate". And
something really struck me.
We truly are in charge, we truly have the power to change. Whatever we
want in life we truly can have.
As we set goals and work towards them we can achieve them. "Because of
the saviors atoning sacrifice the power is in you"
This life is about about improvement, it's about change, it's about
moving forward. This life is also about enjoying the journey. There is
no goal out of our reach, without hard work and the help of our savior.
I'm learning this over and over and over again on my mission

It's never too late to become the person you want to be. It's never
too late to do what you have always wanted to.  Like h
Hermana Dayton
said "we are the authors of our fate" but the true author and finisher
of our faith and fate is Jesus Christ.  As we trust in him and rely on
him we can become the person we want to be, and he will help "bring
you back to your highest home"

I love my mission and my savior. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else RibbonRegional indicator for Spain

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