Wednesday, November 4, 2015

huge miracles and fufu

Eating African fufu

  It's currently raining and Hermana Holly and I are snacking on crescents and hot chocolate that we bought to use the cafe wifi. No complaints though, I could live off European hot chocolate for the rest of my life. This week was aaaaaamazing. 
I wish I could write everything that happened this week but I don't have enough time :(

Some of the highlights from this week though were that we saw a huge miracle with Carlos, the dad of my fav little C, he ended up completely opening up to us.  He had so many questions and a lot of heart ache and  we were able to teach him bits of the plan of salvation and the entire lesson of the restoration. That night he committed to baptism, and for the first time we knelt as a family and prayed. Even more amazing was that Carlos offered the prayer. When he finished he was completely different, and kept saying how hot he had felt. It was a 180 degree change.
We also got to eat with my fav African family! Peace and destiny (Africans names are the best). They're from Nigeria and made us traditional fufu. What they didn't know was that thanks to my friend Cam,who served his mission in Africa, I was already a fufu expert and got to show off my fufu eating skills. The only downside to this experience was that we dipped the fufu in turkey gizzard which was very much gross, hahaha. But we had so much fun with their family.

This week a testigo ( Jehovas witness ) stopped us on the street. At first he asked us very innocent questions about the church, and then by the end was basically telling us we were liars condemned to heck. At that moment I was ready to just prove the truth of the church. But then I heard the voice of my stake president in my head. The night I had gotten set apart he had stopped me and said' "if anyone tries to fight you about the church, bear your testimony and leave it at that." So I basically bit my tongue, we bore our testimonies, and we left at that.

I'm grateful for inspired church leaders, apostles and a modern day prophet. I know the same church Jesus Christ once established has been restored on the earth. Smiling face with smiling eyes
Love you all and hope you had a great Halloween cause we sure did here!
Hermana Cragun

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