Monday, August 31, 2015

   Well there was a little bit of Provo  and a ton of rivalry here in Spain this past week, as the BYU basketball team came and  destroyed the European team last Monday. I don't think I've ever been more invested in a basketball game in my life before, and I don't think there has ever been such competition between missionaries before in the history of ever. Dont worry, still good Christ like competition that is. But anyway it was so much FUN!! It was almost like I was back in the states cheering on my college team again. But probably better because this time around I'm a missionary in SPAIN. and it doesn't get better than that.
  Well this week was one for the books, lots of work and lessons and contacting. I feel like every week I learn something more, something new. And I love that! 
One of our investigators from Gambia is doing soooo well! I remember when I was in the MTC my teacher telling me one on one, that I would never forget the experiences I would have on the mission. That there would be moments here on the mission that I wouldn't have anywhere else in my life, one of those would be to hear your investigators pray. Maybe that sounds like such a simple thing but there really isn´t anything sweeter than hearing someone pray for the first time. Seedy has such simple and pure faith, and I love the spirit he brings when he prays with us. Ugg africans are just the best.
  Anyways Ramon and Carla are both doing great still :) Carla's family wants us to spend Christmas with them this year. Haha even though that's still months away I kind of hope I'm still here in this area because the truth is I love that family and the people here. I really think I could serve the rest of my mission in this one city and be soooo happy.

Well thats all for now. One last thinggggg. I was reading a scripture from Mosiah about the atonement it said "and with his stripes we are healed". And something came to my mind, even though this experience isn't from my mission I wanted to share it anyways. 
A couple months ago I got to go to Dachau in Munich Germany. ( When she was on study abroad).  Dachau is a concentration camp that I'm probably spelling wrong right now but that´s okay, anyways its pretty heavy, meaning its really sad. To see all the inhumane things that happened there and the way the people were so brutally treated...Well on that same trip my friend Cassie and I planned to go to church in Munich. We spent a couple of days in Zurich and planned to take the bus back to Munich, well long story short we almost missed the bus back to Germany. I remember praying soooo hard and running with everything I had to make the bus and by some miracle we did. A couple hours later we were sitting in the congregation  in Munich. 
 Well I barely speak english and spanish, and I definetly dont speak German, so I think its fair to say I had NO idea what was going on in sacrament that day. But one of the speakers looked out and saw us there, and in his best english told us the general confrence talk he would be speaking about. Cassie and I opened up to that talk and immediantly my eyes went to the scripture... "and I know my sheep and they are numbered". Well the spirit hit me so strongly in that moment. I knew that Christ knew me, he knew my situation, he had known my fear of missing the bus and being left in a different country. More than that he cared about me. He had me numbered.
  I learned so much about the atonment from that five day trip. Jesus Christ lives and loves us, we are his sheep and he is our shepherd. Sitting in that congregation with people I had never met, in a language I didn't speak, in a country I had never been to before, I had never felt more loved and more at home.
 I know that Christs atonement heals us from every sorrow we will ever feel. From our personal Dachau´s to our smallest moments of almost missing the bus, Christ can heal us. I am so happy to be his representative here on the mission and so lucky to spread this message of hope to all these people here in sabadell.

LOVE YOU ALL!!! xoxox Hermana Cragun

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