Monday, September 7, 2015

no clue what week but there is a Fiesta to celebrate

   FIEEESSSTTAAAAAAAAAAAAA happenin´ here in Sabadell. Shops shut down, streets closed off. Confetti and music and roller coasters set up in the street. IT IS CRAZY, Every night they do fireworks and it sounds like World War III going on outside, haha I love it. Whats the reason for this fiesta? I have no idea. I'm beginning to learn from my time here in Spain that the people here like any reason to party, and their holidays generally last for a couple of days at a time. Hermana Stott summed it up best this week when she said, "Four days for fiesta Mayor? No wonder the people here are in a crisis."
But I think its the best thing ever. I don't blame the people for wanting to party all the time! I'm with them! 

  Ramon update: Baptism in a couple weeks. Progressing very well. Satan tempted him that awful lil serpent with something from his past. But Ramon just declined, pulling out his Book of Mormon saying that he was studying from this book and it had changed him into a different person so he couldn't. I think the person felt embarrassed after that, and Ramon could tell, so Ramon left them with a prayer to make them feel better. Basically... I feel like a proud parent. No just kidding, I really feel humbled. The book of Mormon isn´t just a book full of printed words and pretty stories, if we choose to read it, and actually apply the principles into our lives, it has the power to change us. Ramon said that himself this week. I feel so honored to have been able to witness that tiny but important lesson this week.

Intercambios with the Hermanas from Barcelona this week. Hermana Lee came down and worked with me. Shes a contacting queen from Korea, I don't know how she does it but she gets everyone to listen. She told me this week though to be brave because she thinks a leadership position will be thrown at me faster than I think. I think I still have a while till it happens, if it ever would. The idea kinda freaks me out still to be honest, but at the same time, the Lord is teaching me sooo much that he makes weak things become strong, and I know all things are possible with him so I'm not afraid. 

Anyways. the work goes on here in Sabadell, we got two new miracles this week, but you're just going to have to wait till next week to hear about them cause I'm out of time.Before I left I felt like 18 months seemed like a long time, now I'm feeling like my time here wont be enough. I love this work, and I want to use every second of it. I've got my hand to the plough and I'm never lookin back.

Lots of Love, lots of kindness, lots of ice-cream and good thoughts comin your way from Sabadell. Love your fav lil missionary, Hermana Cragun

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