Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Obedience brings blessings

 Maddie and little amiga C

 Cragun y Stott with the Elders and youth from ward the ward
 Sunset in Sabadell
Its me writing on Tuesday. I forgot to mention that the week of transfers preperation day changes, im sure everyone was very worried. Don´t be, Im still kicking it out here. Me and Hermana Stott are still comps this transfer (thank goodness) and still in Sabadell, which is good because I feel like my work in this city isn´t done yet!

This week was great :) lots of teaching and door knocking and contacting. It´s awesome because I feel like slowly, very slowly, we are beginning to see the fruits of our labors. My first day in this town we had zero investigators haha I remember riding on the train and Hermana Stott nervously telling me that we had like no one to teach. But now we have a ton I dont even know how many, and a lot of them are progressing. The menos activos we visit are beginning to re activate. The best is when you walk into the church and see them sitting there and they just wave at you knowingly :) best thing ever. Two of the boys we visit even are beginning to consider a mission, I really hope so, I think they would be amazing if they served.

Our investigators are doing great :) Little C oh goodness my darling little girl. She is the one I'm especially proud of this week. We were sitting in class when an Elder stuck his head in and was like ¨Hermana! someone is here for you!¨ So me and Hermana Stott walk out and see little C with her dad C at the door hahaha. Little C begged and begged I guess to come to church this week so her dad came and dropped her off. I got to go to primary with her and what not. My eight year old girl  comin to church on her own :) All the ward members think we look alike though, they kept stopping me and asking me if she was my sister. Nope. I wish though! 

Also, I accidentally made a lady run into a pole this week. hahahaha I feel so bad. The thing is, the culture here is to kinda just keep to yourself, so when I say hi to people on the streets its really surprises them. Ive had people just stop dead in their tracks and look at me honestly confused and be like... ¨do we know eachother?" Well this week I said hi to a lady, and she just kinda stared at me as she kept walking and well...ran right into a metal pole. Anyone thats heard me laugh knows that its not very quiet, so I had to exhort everything in me to keep it together. Poor lady.

Well anyways that´s it for this week, just one last thought though before I go. 
People often write me and ask how did you know you were suppose to go on a mission? The truth is, I never felt like I received a solid "answer" that I was for sure suppose to. There was even a moment in my life where I thougth that a mission wasnt the right thing for me. This week I was reading a talk called Obedience Brings Blessings, I came across one line where it said that "to obey is better than sacrafice". I dont know what it was in this phrase but something just hit me strongly. I could feel the spirit telling me in that moment that I had been obedient to His will. I realized in that moment that Heavenly Father really had given me an answer to go on a mission, he had given it to me years ago. I had always grown up wanting to serve, I had always grown up feeling like I should. I didn´t receive an answer at 18 to go because he had already told me years and years before.
If you want to serve a mission, GO! If you are considering a mission and feel like you haven´t received an answer, really stop, pray, and ponder about it. Maybe you like me have already received your answer, but you weren´t aware of it. And lastly, if you have a call and your life is falling apart, don´t give up. Like President Holland once said "Cast not away thy confidence". A mission is the best thing. The hardest thing, but the best thing. I know more than ever now that the Lord wanted me to go on a mission, he had told me at a young age, Im grateful I choice to be obedient to his will even if I didn´t fully understand it at the time because a mission really is the best thing ever. 

AAAHH. long letter this time sorry. Love you all though and hope you are doing well! xoxox Hermana Cragun

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