Monday, August 24, 2015

 loves her choc milk
 actual snail mail being sent
 but milk doesn't like her- going lactose free
 Ramon with the Hermanas
 little C and a letter she wrote her
Dear World,
I hope you know that this little town of Sabadell and the inhabitants there of, have a special place in my heart, as well as my companion/sister/mom/best friend Hermana Stott. I feel like the Lord has blessed me by putting me in the most amazing area with the most amazing people and culture.

Ramon has a BAPTISM DATE PEOPLE! Prayers and fasts truly do bring blessings. He didn´t want to be baptized till January,  I reminded him that God said if you love me, keep my commandments, so why don´t we start living the commandments today? He just stared at me stunned and then laughed and said, wow you´re right! He thought for a second and agreed that he needed to be baptized earlier and we set a date in Sep. 

This week I also learned a lesson about not being afraid to listen to the spirit. On our way to district meeting I saw this lady and thought I should talk to her, but  I wasn't sure if it was the spirit or me just wanting to talk to her. So I didn't do anything. At district meeting we talked about the importance of listening to the spirit. A quote was shared by Elder Bednar "whether it's the spirit, or your own thoughts, IT DOESN'T MATTER". Well I vowed to always act on those promptings. Later that day we were headed somewhere and were running late, I saw a different lady and felt I should talk to her. We were late, and I knew if we stopped to talk to her we would be even more late but those words came back into my head. I told Hrm Stott we needed to talk to her and as we stopped her, she clapped her hands and said! "YAY! I have been wanting to talk to you!" okay WHAT. that never happens here haha. but just goes to show you should ALWAYS act on the promptings of the spirit. 

Well that's all for now. Also, if you want a chance to see me and my comp and our two friends Seedy and  Rafa in action, tune into the BYU v. European Academy game tonight (or really today your time). Cause we'll be there. So who knows, you might just see us. Thaaaank youuuu President and Hermana Dayton. GO BYU. 

Hermana  Cragun

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