Tuesday, August 4, 2015

No time to write

Pday in Barcelona no line and free for missionaries

 Sagrada Familia

 Sagrada Familia
Little amiga

Bon Dia :) (im working on my Catalan)
No time to write this week AH so sorry, but it was another great week her in Sabadell. "R" came to church and fasted with us this week, he loved testimony meeting and said he felt something just touch his heart so strongly. The spirit is the best :)) He´s progressing quickly, and he wants to be baptized soon but he still wants to learn a little bit more before he does. But we are so happy to keep working with him, hahaha he never fails to make us laugh and he loves to learn about Christ. He really has been so prepared!
C´s family invited us over for lunch this week, PAELLA. so good. but I thought I was going to die of eating so much by the end. 
"S" is a new investigator from Gambia, he keeps telling us he wants to be a missionary like us and teach religion, but we keep telling him he needs to be baptized first hahaha. But he really so great, he is so nice. We had dinner with him this week and he told us about what it was like growing up in Africa, the things he has seen and what not. It was so sad, and so shocking. It was a really big life check for me. I really am so lucky to live in the states, I think I forget that sometimes.

This week we also had a zone enfoque, and the missionaries that were leaving got to share a couple of thoughts about what their mission has taught them. My district leader is among the missionaries leaving this next transfer and I loved what he said. "My mission taught me that true happiness, I mean TRUE happiness, comes from the gospel. The rest is just show. And that those that are happy now will be happy later, those that are unhappy now, will be unhappy later." it just hit me so hard. Its so true. all of it. Happiness is a choice, its not a destination. And true happiness, the kind that just fills your whole heart and never goes away, only comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Going on a mission has been the best choice I have ever made :) I love these people, this work, and I especially love my Savior. I´m so happy to be here!
Love and miss you all :) xoxox Hermana Cragun

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