Monday, August 10, 2015

Opposition in all things

  When you get called on a mission, your call tells you that "greater happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced." Truth. Right there. What they didn´t write, or what I guess I should have put together was that there is "an opposition in all things" therefore, with happiness never yet experienced is also sadness, haha never yet experienced.
  I think discouraged was a good way to put my feelings for this last week. In shortest terms, Aaaaaanything, anything that could have gone wrong this week, did.  As we got back to our piso last night, we sat down, and well, cried hahaha.  But we knelt down and we prayed and we still thanked Heavenly Father for all the blessings that we had. And as we prayed I realized there were so many blessings I had been given I hadn't seen before.
   Henry B. Erying said that, "If we have faith in the Lord the hardest, as well as the easiest times in life, will be a blessing". I loveeee this and believe it with all my heart. If we put our trust in Heavenly Father, if we put our trust in our Savior, our trials can be turned to strengths. Maybe the hardest times won't be the happiest of times, but they will become some of our most valuable of times. We can truly be refined through our afflictions if we submit to the Lord, we can become someone we never thought we could be, someone that He wants us to be.

  That night our district leader called us and congratulated us on our week. (Shocking right?) I guess between everything that was falling through I hadn't actually stopped to see the work that we had done. He told us that currently we are leading the district right now. I hadn't even realized it but Heavenly Father had not only helped us meet almost every goal we had set this week, but he had also helped us exceed past them. We had accomplished more than we thought we could.
"R" also called us, he told us he was sick and that was why he wasn't able to come to church. He also told us that he had been praying, and that he knew someone was listening, he could feel it. He told us he realized that he had been baptized Catholic, and that if he died right now, he would die a Catholic, haha he told us he didn't want that. He told us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true, and that he wants to be baptized. :)
I am grateful for my Savior and my Heavenly Father. Sometimes it's hard to see it in the moment but our trials really are a blessing. At least they can be if we turn to the Lord. I know that trials are given to us to help us, that our Heavenly Father loves us and is more than aware of us and our situations, whatever they might be. If we put our trust in him, he will shape us into the person we are meant to be.
xoxox Hermana Çragun

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