Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I share the gospel and they teach me,how to apply it

Are there words for moments like this?
As we sat watching the Christ video the spirit filled the room, and for a moment I felt like I sat here watching the scene from someone else point of view. Rita, holding her two beautiful daughters, the sweet music filling the room and the spirit  testifying of the divinity  of Christ. And I couldn't help but cry, because I realized. I never wanted moments like this to end. Is this what people mean about they love the mission. I will never get moments like this at home. To enter into people's homes, to be an instrument for the Lord and to be able to teach them such eternal precious truths. 
Victor, our member, from Nigeria had said to Rita to listen to the them, they were ordained they were chosen before this life to teach. And  I couldn't help but be taken back at that moment. What had I done to deserve this? How did I get so lucky to be chosen to preach the gospel? Then the words words HE LIVES filled the screen and I couldn't but feel my heart just swell
He lives 
He lives
He lives 
I would scream it and fill everyone's ears with these words 
"And why he lives he sings" the most beautiful blessing. Our most precious promise  that we can be like him. That there's someone that knows exactly how we feel. That we can be forgiven start over again have our past erased and be come better everyday. And how beautiful  it is to be his representative. Truly. I would NEVER trade anything for moments like this. There is nothing sweeter or more featuring or fulfilling than moments like is.

And as the video ended, and we got up and wiped the tears from our eyes, Sophia ran and collected a small cheetah print bag and handed it to us to see, and inside lay two presents wrapped in thin hot pink paper written to "elder wiseman and elder cragun" we opened it up to find a bag, and gloves. They explained they didn't have money for it, but they the girls had insisted we have it. (Hermana wisemana bag is so old it's literally in shreds) my heart was so so so so so so full. They literally had nothing; yet they still thought of us. And the needs we had. I love them. I am so amazed of the charity and selfless they have.

I have found that I teach my investigators about the gospel, but they truly teach me how to apply it. And they show it in their diary lives, these people are so Christ like yet they don't even know it. I am the one learning from them and what a privilege it is. 

Still everyday I, so grateful to be here in Spain in such a beautiful country and culture with people from every nation. 

" ...this is my glory, that perhaps is I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance, and this is my joy." 

I love my mission and his work. 
Xoxox Hermana Cragun 

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