Saturday, February 27, 2016


Truly humbled 
That's what the mission does to you, it humbles you. In so many ways. 

After two very quick miracle effortless weeks, Sarahy was baptized and it was AMAZING. As she spoke to give her testimony she was nervous, but it was  clear she was so touched by the spirit. Her eyes filled with tears and she became chocked up. She said "I know this church is true because of how I feel. Maybe I wasn't on the right path before but I found my way here, and I know it is here I have a family."
It's so hard explains just how amazing it is so see your investigators share their testimony for the first time, for the spirit they bring. Being able to watch them grow and be touched by the feelings of the Holy Ghost. Their faith and their testimonies are so pure, and so personal. I love it so much, there's just nothing more humbling or better. And as her mom turned around and grabbed my hand to say thank you. I couldn't feel more grateful to be a missionary, and to realize this just wasn't my work. I was just privileged to be an instrument and witness his work. I truly hadn't done anything but be there it felt like, and it was such a humbling experience. 

Our next miracle is a Nigerian family,
We met Rita on the street smd she invited us over. We knocked on the door and her
husband (who is Spanish) cheerfully let us right in. At the end of
other lesson Rita started talking to us and said, I do have to tell
you something; my husband NEVER lets missionaries in. Doesn't matter
what religion. And the last Mormons that came over he told to never
come back. But he let you in  even better was that THEY ALL came to
church!! Even the dad! Which is huge here! We're so excited for them

We also then had the (fake) funeral of our beloved hermana 
Hermana fennsickle has been a close friend to me through out all my mission, she's also the hardest working Hermana I know. She's been suffering with all sorts of medical issues but she fought-and is still fighting- to stay on the mission. But  because of her condition she has to move closer to Barc, so that she could be closer to medical attention. We gathered at the end of a long day in the living room, lit candles and Hermana plant hung the mural she made of her companion. We each took turns reading our talks, mine was "from heaven to Becky fennsicke"
I'm going to miss her so much! 
Which also brings us to the next news- IM IN A TRIO! Wheeeewww! The good news is Hermana Plant is our new addition and I love her so basically we are on cloud 9. So it's all great :)

All in all I feel so blessed and so happy to be here on the mission. I love the ability to be an instrument for the lord and to witness his work. Truly his ways our higher than our ways, and being able to labor in his vineyard is the most humbling and satisfying decision of my life.
Love you all and love this time of my life Regional indicator for Spain xoxox Hermana Cragun 

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