Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Not the same missionary

There isn't enough time to write today, and even if there was, I don't think I would even know what to say. 
My chapter of Valencia has come to an end, and what a sweet chapter it was. I feel like it was in Valencia where, I learned how to be a missionary, learned how to be dedicated, to love the work, to love the people. And to make the most of every minute. 

My last week was filled with a couple of unforgettable moments. Eating and laughing with our Italian friends who made amazing pizza, teaching a family from Africa, who surprised us with pigs feet for dinner. It was the first (and last) time I had tried it. Saying goodbye to my converts and the members and all the people I love here, which was the equivalency to  having my heart ripped out.  They are all just so special to me, I'm not saying this to be cheesy but I honestly didn't even know I could love this much. Even thinking of them right now makes my heart throb a little. And then the bishop asked me to share my testimony for the last time, I got up there and started bawling basically. I didn't think it was going to be so hard to but it was. I felt like my time in Valencia flew. And as I've looked back on the time I've had, I feel so blessed and happy because I feel like although it was just yesterday I got there, that the missionary I was then, is no where near the missionary I have become and am today. I learned soooo much in my time in Valencia, and I guess that's why half my heart will always still be there.

I gathered up notes and journals and photos and pajamas friends and families too kindly gave to me, and wished I could have given them something more. Wished I could have stayed forever with them. But I guess I've learned that we never grow in our comfort zones, and Valencia has become my home. And the mission is all about growing, so therefore I must go.

I wish I could thoroughly express how much I have come to love these people, or the difficult learning moments I've had that have pushed me into something better, or the friendships I have made that will last forever, but I can't, so these black and white words will have to suffice for now. Just know that I have created memories that will never be forgotten, and friendships with these people that will last forever. 

And now. I leave my comfortable home of Valencia, to go for my new adventure. Opening and  training in Vilafranca 

Xoxox Hermana Cragun 
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