Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chapter one in Vilafranca

Hermana Allen from England- Greenie

Vilfranca-New area
Fantastic market!

About an hour from the city of Barcelona you will find a quiet city near the coast called Vilafranca. It's quiet, with a population of 35,000 and most of the citizens here are Spanish. The work is good, with a promising new frontier. I have found I am more of a city missionary, I like the constant hustle and bustle and places to be. And while Vilafranca is no where near the size of Valencia, something about it reminds me of my first town Sabadell, so it had a comforting, homey feeling to it, and with no one having been down here, my trainee and I do have our hands full. 

MY TRAINEE! My trainee is the absolute cutest. Monday night we went out to work with the new missionaries before they were assigned trainers. Hermana Wiseman (my old companion) is also training and so the two of us went down to Barcelona together. But because Barcelona is where Hermana Wiseman use to work, they gave her permission to have the night visiting members and recent converts. Well one of the houses we went to, the current missionaries from Barcelona passed by with their new missionary- Hermana Allen.  I got the chance to talk to the adorable quiet British Hermana Allen. And who would have guessed it but, 14 hours later we were made COMPANIONS. 

Hermana Allen has been the sweetest, and opening an area has been the CRAZIEST! But it's awesome. We've been able to try and go meet as many members and people as possible these days. We've come home dead tired every night and we wake up to do the same the next morning. But beside all that I have never heard a peep of complaint come out of her mouth. She's quiet, and shy, but when you get to know her she's really just so intelligent and sassy. Haha she's the perfect companion for me and I love her so much.

Vilafranca is amazing. It's beautiful there are so many amazing ward members and the bishop is INCREDIBLE!!!! He loves missionary work and he truly cares about everyone. Our first day here we were out on the streets when a police officer pulled us over and asked for our DNI ( ID papers). Ridiculed us for  being missionaries and then said our DNI looked fake. And well right when I was about to panic he took of his helmet and introduced himself as Bishop Borrut,  hahaha he's hilarious and has been such a huge help. We spent the week meeting members, viewing the area and on the streets trying to create as big of a new investigator pool as possible.

Truly it's been SO amazing, I feel like Vilafranca is a blank page, a white sheet. It's possibilities are endless, literally this city is what Hermana Allen and I shall choose to make of if. This morning as we read our scriptures, I read DC 10:44 : And by your hands I will work a marvelous work among the children of men, unto the convincing of many of their sins, that they may come unto repentance, and that they may come unto the kingdom of my Father.

45 Wherefore, the blessings which I give unto you are above all things.

What a blessing it is to be a missionary and to be able to be his hands for his work. Till next week. Pray for us to see miracles here in Vilafranca 
Xoxox Hermana cragun Ribbon

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