Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What a week

what a week.

TRANSFER TUESDAY! gotta love it when this day comes around. Always a surprise and a such a nerve racking event, sitting around the table, phones perfecly placed infront of you waiting for that special phone call to come from your district leader. But good news! I'M STAYING! And I'm so excited about it as well. I love this land of Valencia and the people in it.

I dont have much time (sorry!) so this email wont be able to be too detailed. But it truly was such an amazing week. My companion ended her missoin this week, so we spent the week visiting members, saying goodybe to investigators. Making plans for her to return to the mission home today. As I waved goodbye to her monday morning and watched her board the train it made me stop to think about all I had learned from her. And she had learned during her mission. 
Im grateful for the time we have here during our missions, its like a small little life here where we are able to be pushed to our limits and overcome our challenges to become the people we need to become. Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for us here, where he teaches us exactly what we need to learn from others, whether it be from members, investigators, menos activos, or especially from our comps. The key I have learned, is having the patience and humility to let him mold you, and having the trust in him and in our savior that they really will make you into the person you need to be, even if at times it wasnt the person you had in mind you wanted to become.

Miracle of the week was the baptism of ERIKA!!!!! Erika had been meeting for the missionaries on and off for the past year. We, meaning my companion and I, had personally been meeting with her for the past three months. It was a long process, but little by little we watched as she grew, and saw how the spirit and the power of the book of mormom truly did strengthen her testimony and help her be truly converted. She was baptized Saturday and there were so many people that came to support her. The spirit was so strong, and she just radiated happiness. Honestly one of the best moments of my life. Even better is that she has the goal to be sealed to her fiance in the temple in a year. Im so excited for her and know that she will only be an amazing member. An you can bet I will come back in a year for her temple sealing ;)

well I must go! But let me end by giving a shoutout to my best friend Em for getting called to the greatest mission on the Earth. It truly is amazing how much the Lord is in the details of our lives. Over and over again he teaches me that. with studying here to being called her, with being in the right moment at the right time to meet the right person, to meeting my father´s bishop here in the small dedicatory service, to having a student from spain come live with us, to her becoming my "spanish sister" I love her so much, and then to be called to her area. now my best friend-who i met in Spanish class no less- being called to my same mission. Truly the Lord is aware of us and has such great things in store for each and everyone of us. We truly were created to be happy, and he has a perfect plan to help us accomplish that. Trust in him, and we will be. I know that.

Love you all! Headed out to work now! 
hermana cragun

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