Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New week, new comp and new beginings

A bit windy apparently

New week, new transfer, new companion, new beginning, new miracles. 

A new month has a arrived and and so marks the new beginning of a new transfer. It is crazy how fast time goes here on the mission. Was it really just last year I was opening my call? And now I'm actually here in Spain again, walking the same streets and speaking the same language but now with purpose and diligence?

BUT I HAVE A NEW COMPANION. La Hermana Wiseman. She's from the sunny land of California and is as loving as a penguin in her own words. Haha no I love her though, she's an amazing, amazing missionary and so sweet and basically she is the only missionary I've ever met who has stayed in perfect shape and still wears her Kate spade watch and Tiffany co bracelet as we walk through the broken down complexes of gypsies. Haha she's awesome. 

Well the lord DOWN-POURED us with miracles this week. I still can't believe it. Last Monday I was out contacting and sat down to search for an address when a woman casually contacted ME and asked where our church was. So of course I scribbled down the address and flooded her with questions about knowing missionaries and  where she was from. She explained she was a member who just moved here from Chile and then said her daughter, who was 16, was taking las Charlas back in her country and wasn't ready to get baptized. But she wanted us to come by and meet her because she felt like she was ready now. So we met with her Saturday and at the end of the lesson she said "well... I don't know how this all works but it's five Charlas right? And then she gets baptized? Oh. And I like feed you guys once a week or so right?" Hahaha I was laughing so hard but we were so excited!! Such a cool miracle. They all came to church Sunday and were working with them again tonight to have her ready for baptism.

The next miracle for the week is named none other than... Madelin :) I commended her for having such an amazing name. Hermana Wiseman and I were contacting in the streets when we stopped her and talked to her, she said she was off to work but could meet on Sunday. So we invited her to church and she CAME. I think it's so hard to explain just how amazing it is when people come to church. You just like shake their hand, find them a friend to sit with and then happy dance when they turn around. And not only that but she just gets it. As we taught her about the Book of Mormon she was literally finishing our sentences, she is so prepared such a great miracle :)

Well time is running short and so I must be off soon, but I hope you get the chance to view my video of teaching in the park and the African man. He is there everyday. Just though I'd give you all a taste of Valencia. 

I'm so grateful for my mission, I love the work, I love, love, love the work and the people and this beautiful country and all that this mission has done for me. I thought I had a testimony before but now I know without a doubt just how true this church is. Joseph Smith truly was a prophet and the Book of Mormon is real scripture, it has all the answers we need and the power to change lives. I am so grateful for  my mission. I have really come to know in my heart the things I knew before in my head. This truly is Christ's church, and it is such a privilege to be his representative in this country. 

Love you all!! Xoxoxo Hermana Cragun 

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