Monday, September 21, 2015


Las Hermanas
Seedy Reading
Ward Karaoke night
   Did you know that the most common food I eat here is ice cream? Its terrible, haha I don't think I will ever eat it again when I'm home. Members here ROCK they are always wanting to feed missionaries but then they like overfeed you. Last night I came home from having dinner with a member and was feeling kinda gross and yeeep threw up. Haha how splendid. But no seriously members here are really great and the food (besides the abundance of ice cream) is really great too, My favorite thing to eat is actually not from Spain, its from Bolivia called like.. saltenas. SO GOOD.

  Did Catalan get independence? I have no idea. I feel weird sometimes because people will talk about the news or whats going on in the world and I'll be like what? what? what? A couple days a go a man stopped us in the streets going off about what Obama said. All I could do was like nod my head and be like that's nice, because the truth is I have no idea what hes talking about. Yes I'm from America but I could not be farther from it psychically or mentally at this point.
(but I still have pride for my country)

Good news, bad news, in between news.
Ramon doesn't want to dejar las cosas en su vida, entonces ( Ramon does not want to let the things in his life go so...) he wont be getting baptized :(.   It is sad to say the least when you see someone get soooo far, and then stop right when they're at the finish line. Don't you know how many great blessings are awaiting you?! But this experience has taught me a couple things, like the need for diligent and continual prayer and scripture study and church attendance. Yea you may laugh, but the little things really are what makes it or breaks it in this life. I've seen it seriously CHANGE peoples lives, and I've also seen how when they stop doing it, they return to the person they once were. "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass"

We met a girl named Daniella though, who is just amazing. She was in an accident a year ago and miraculously survived. She was telling us she knows its because of God she survived and now she wants to dedicate her time to learning about him. We went over and taught  her about restoration and the Book of Mormon and she loved it and told us to come back. The second time we came back she had her friends there and so we taught about the plan of salvation and they all told us to come back haha. So we are going back this week to see them.

Not much has been said about my lil girl C lately.  That's because I haven't seen here because of SCHOOL.. ugg school. but she called us (what eight year old girl does this?) and was like I miss you guys when am I going to see you again? So we are coming by Wednesday. and even more her birthday's Saturday so holla we gonna party. 

Well life is good, life is grand. The work rolls on and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in my life right now. I'm grateful that coming back to Spain was a part of my plan because its just the best country on earth and I'm basically in love with it. 

LOVE YOU ALL. xoxox Hermana Cragun 

PS.Yesterday I taught a girl who told me that she thinks her daughter was a cat before this life (oh ya i forget to mention she believes in reincarnation)
 Anyway the reason she thinks that was because when she was pregnant a herd of cats use to follow her around and sit at her feet meowing, and shes sure it was because they 
were like meowing at her daughter. lol. I just sit and imagine some girl walking through the street with cats following behind her. She also thinks that before this life I was a nun.
 Weird, but I mean, Ill take it. a nun named Catalina, Cati for short. She has a lot of details on me before this life, I dont know how she knows so much. Shes really cool though. 

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