Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Catalan Flags all around

Zone Meeting and mission office
  Catalan flags out everybody because it is like Catalan pride week down here. Everybodys wearing them as capes, backpacks, you name it and they´ve though of it. Why? Because this next week everybody gets to vote on whether or not the Catalan region becomes independent! WOOOO. can you imagine? hahaha the catalan region becoming its own pais ( country). Wow. I actually think it might happen though. I think they´ll have to rename my misson if that happens. Who knows.

Anyway! update for this week. The week of walls basically. It was slooowwww on finding and on progressing. 
But am I discouraged? ummm no. Maybe one month ago this would have really gotten to me, but I'm really learning patience and trust. Sure its a little frustrating, but honestly it makes me want to work even harder this week.

I'm also learning that when your circumstances are at their worst, and when you think things cant get any better, that's when God shows up. With God, what seems like a hopeless situation is not only possible, its favorable. His power is made perfect in weakness. 
I cant wait to see what this week has in store for us :) I love this lil mission of Spain, I'm laughing and learning everyday and what more could I ask for than that?
love you all! xoxox Hna Cragun

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