Saturday, April 16, 2016

Many Miracles

I'm sorry that I have been basically the worst at writing lately. I feel like there's so much to say and to do and somewhere to be, that I haven't had the time to actually write how things are going.

I'm loving the mission right now, we are teaching so much. I feel like, always have somewhere to be. We're helping Nellie, a single mother from Peru, Becca, a 10 year old whose parents are trying to reactivate prepare to be baptized right now. They're sooo amazing and progressing really well. Beccas family especially is so fun to visit and to be honest they are the most  humble people I have met. They give us food every time and watch us eat because they don't have anything else to give. Last time we ate sliced up apples. Becca drew us a a picture and labeled it "to the best missionaries in the world"  I love it. 

We've also seen many miracles in this week alone! 
My first week here in Vilafranca I got SUPER lost and we stopped a man for directions to help us find the Capilla. He ended up walking us there and we talked for a minute before he had to go. WELL. Just last week we got a reference for a man from Bulgaria, who had walked into the church to see it, and it was him!! The same man we met! He told us that he has walked past the church everyday since that day we first met. He's super receptive to the message and wants to meet whenever we can.
We're also teaching a man named Javier, who a couple years ago was in an accident that left half is body paralyzed. He can't speak much above a whisper so at times it's hard to understand him. He's hard catholic, but he's willing to learn. He couldn't come to church this week but we're meeting with him again Wednesday. 

And just lastly we've helped a cute girl named Valeria work on become active again. She's AWESOME! We love her and her family. They always invite us over for dinner or noche de hogars ( family home evening). She came to church for the first time in months AND brought a friend who loved it and wants to come back, and that we're going to start teaching Wednesday.

My companion has been having serious leg problems, and they aren't getting better. Im kinda worried for her to be keep her in your prayers 

WELL I LOVE YOU ALL!!! The lord is blessing us so much here in vilafranca. I LOVE IT :) this is seriously the hardest but best time of my life. I can't think of a time when I've been closer to the spirit or felt more joy from serving. I feel soooo lucky and blessed 

Love you all Two hearts hna cragun 

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