Monday, July 20, 2015

week 2 in Sabadell

 Las Ramblas in Barcelona P-Day
Always the cat lady!  y Below a view of Sabadell
   Oh my goooooodness :) is it Monday already?
This week has been AWESOME. We started the week off in Barc, getting to walk Las Ramblas, talking to people on the street. We also met with a lot of menos activos and investigadores this week as well. I think my favorite moment this week was meeting with this lady named  Elvia, a menos activa. When we  knocked on the door the CUTEST little girl I have ever seen answered it and was so excited, I started talking to her and asking her about herself and she told us she was  9 years old and her name is Carla. Even though Elvia is is a member of the church her husband is not, and neither are her children, in this case Carla. We mainly had gone over to talk to Elvia and see if she was okay, but as we kept talking cute Carla came in and sat in on the lesson and then interrupted to ask what we were reading, and so we told her about the Book of Mormon and she asked if she could have one. So naturally the answer was a big YES. And so we gave her one and then we told her about prayer and asked her if she wanted to learn how to pray, and she was a littler nervous at first but she said she wanted to. And right at that moment Elvia´s husband, Carlos, walked in and kind of just sat down to listen. So we taught Carla how to pray and she gave her first prayer and it was just the sweetest thing I had ever heard. Sometimes I forget that maybe I do need to be like a child, it´s really just the small things in life that matter.  When she was done praying we got up to leave and Carlos stopped us and said you are always welcome to come back to our house.  I was like uh okay thanks! But when we walked out Sister Stott was like "HERMANA! That has never happened before! Carlos never comes to our lessons and he never talks to us!" So we were SO excited :) we get to meet with them again this week.I can´t wait
   We also have two fechas for baptism set which has been a MIRACLE. I´ll probably talk more about them next week.
   All in all this week has been amazing. I know my Heavenly Father is answering my prayers and strengthening me. I can´t express how much I love Spain and these people. I am so happy and I am constantly laughing here. The people here are fun. Sometimes they call out to me and Hermana Stott. one man stopped me and asked if he could buy me a drink and I said umm, no thank you :) so he just shook his head.  Hahaha weird things like that happen seriously everyday but it´s so funny and just part of their culture and I love it. I truly am so privileged to be able to be preaching the gospel among these people, I love this work! I love you all and hope all is well back home! 
xoxox Hermana Cragun

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