Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Lord always answers prayers

First before we get to any other details or talk about a hunk the else that is happening let me say, I'm staying in Vilafranca, a miracle if I do say so myself.

Secondly. My mind is so muddled at what to write right now haha 
I've been HORRIBLE at writing so I'm sorry, but to update you my birthday here in vilafranca was without a doubt the best birthday I've ever had. I've always celebrated my birthday with close friends and family, and this year I did the same. It really was so humbling to see people take me in like their daughter and spoil me. People that I haven't known for more than a couple months. They all hold a special place in my heart, and four cakes later on the scale as well...
But truly it's such a humbling experience to see people just love you so much. 

Third- LESLIE WAS BAPTIZED. There's a 110 things I want to write about it, but basically to sum it all up one night in vilafranca we met her contacting and I wrote "miracle girl" next to her name in my agenda to try and help me remember who she was, and that's exactly who she's turned out to be, our miracle girl. As she got up to bear her testimony she said : 

As I went in for my interview for the elder asked me if I had prayed if I had received my answer, and the truth is I did. I did those things. But the way I had received my answer was through the people I met here. The peace and love I was looking for from my Heavenly Father I received and felt through the members of the church, through all the members and missionaries I met, and that's I came to the church was true, 

I loved hearing her testimony  and it was such a good reminder that the lord ALWAYS answers our prayers. Since day one Leslie has said want she wanted "to feel the love of Heavenly Father" but it is usually through others he answers our prayers. 

My companion just left for her second area, I'm sitting in a laundry mat with my friend hermana Mayes who ends her mission today. She was the missionary I spent my first night with here. Time is not real here. 
Last Saturday I received a call from President asking me for a new calling- training and sister training leader. I'm excited for this new opportunity to train again and get to work with the hermanas :) 
Love you all 
Xoxo Hermana Cragun  

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