Thursday, September 29, 2016

perfect week

cant beat that view of the city

life is good, mission is perfect

Mom's favorite, family from Venezuela with typical plate of Pabellon


What a crazy week! Between two intercambios and teaching at zone conference, visiting our favorite Venezuelan family and it raining like CRAZY and getting soaked
we had an amazing miracle...MARI HAS AGREED TO BE BAPTIZED!
the experience was so amazing,
Saturday we met with Mari to talk about her doubts about baptism, and in the beginning she was saying that she just felt like she was just not ready And needed to keep learning, and we explained to her that she WAS ready. Mari has changed her whole life around for the church, she stopped drinking, going to parties, she stopped going to the gym on Sunday to keep the Sabbath day holy, she even is moving out of her piso to find a better atmosphere where she can study and keep the faith with less temptation. SHES AMAZING. Anyways we explained baptism and how it's really just the gate to the path and not the ending destination and she was still hesitant,
WELL then an idea came to my elder from my past area shared this experience and brought back to me...
And we suggested that we could pray. Each of us. Mari, Hermana Spiegel and I, and our two members that were helping us, to ask god if Mari was ready. 
So we each knelt down and prayed and the spirit flooded the room, we couldn't resist but crying and by the time it was Mari turn to pray she said she knew she needed to but she was afraid, she thanked God for each of us in her prayer and when she finished she stood up and said she knew she needed to be baptized 

My testimony grew so much that day that God DOES hear and answers prayers. He is so perfectly aware of each of his children and wants them so badly to have the gospel and the answers to our prayers. Sometimes he tests us and makes us wait for these answers, but the only thing he asks of us is that we have faith and KNOCK at the door, because he will always answer. His way is ALWAYS the right way, even if we don't understand it and even if we're afraid to follow it, he will do what's best for us.
Love you!!!
Hermana Cragun 

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