Monday, January 18, 2016

Who would have ever known?

“For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth” - Paul. The coolest person in the bible 
"Though it is often difficult to endure, truly we ought to rejoice that God considers us worth the time and trouble to correct." - Todd d. Christofferson 

2 days ago marks the year mark of the first time I ever stepped into Spain. Who would have ever known that two weeks after being in Spain, I would receive my mission call to come and serve here? Who would have known all those Spanish classes, trips to Mexico, friends and feelings encouraging me to study in Spain, were all part of Gods amazing plan to prepare me for where I am today? Sometimes it still bewilders  me how much God loves us to be so enthralled in the details of our lives.

This email will me short and simple. These past two weeks have been a reminder of "whom the lord loves he chastenth". But don't think I have let that get me down. I'm learning that when we rely on the Savior any trial can be overcome, that we are often refined over and over in the furnace of affliction so we can become who God wants us to become.  

Despite the hardships, this week has been full of miracles. 
Erika, our investigator who had been studying the church for a year has agreed to be baptized. We taught repentance and I bore my testimony of the spirit, I knew, she knew what she had felt. It was one of he most powerful moments of my mission because as I closed my mouth I realized how strongly the spirit had worked through me. Erika looked at us and said after that "I'm ready." Later that week President came to visit and as he talked, he took me by the hand and said something that reminded me of  a line from my blessing. "Share your testimony, for you will help many know the Lord." 
Jordi is still progressing amazingly. He prayed over the Book of Mormon and said that he felt a warmth and peace. He knows it's true.
The spirit led us to a family of five who is now investigating the church, as well as a woman from Africa who has been "searching for the truth because none of the other churches fill her." 

From the small daily miracles on the street, to the moments where God refines you or intervenes in your life to prepare you for what is ahead, I am constantly reminded that he is in the detail of lives, and he is in charge. And when we let him, and when we put our trust in him, he will make more of us than when we could ever make of ourselves. 
Hermana Cragun

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